pension التقاعد

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  1. makandés66 Senior Member

    Old Upper Louisiana
    Midwestern USA English
    اهلا و سهلا يا جميع المنتدى

    In an application for financial aid one is asked to declare all forms of income

    "check or check stub for employment, unemployment, Social Security, pension, workmen's comp...."

    Which is most appropriate and common for this term?

    just التقاعد or مع[SIZE=4]اش الت[/SIZE][SIZE=2][SIZE=4]قاعد [/SIZE][SIZE=2][SIZE=4]او حساب الت[/SIZE][SIZE=2][SIZE=4]قاعد[/SIZE]
    شكرا [SIZE=2]ج[SIZE=2]زيلا


  2. momai Senior Member

    just m3ash without al-t8a3d
  3. Linolenic Senior Member

    I don't think معاش alone is enough!
    I would say تقاعد أو معاش التقاعد أو راتب التقاعد
  4. momai Senior Member

    if the word m3ash is't enough so give me the english word for m3ash

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