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please could someone who speaks italian help me with the following to translate into english:

ancora penso voi. spero che siate bene.
desiderare vederli e comunicare come prima.
mancandoli sempre
di ciao
amico anziano

I would be extremely grateful.

  • TLG

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    USA English
    I am still thinking of you. I hope you are well.
    I wish to see you and communicate as before.
    Old Freind

    Silvia B

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    Italy - Italian
    You made many errors in the italian phrase...if you want or need a correction let us know. Anyway,TLG forgot "mancandoli sempre"(wrong) which is "mi mancate molto" and so: "I miss you so much!"



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    This is the correct Italian =
    Penso ancora a voi. Spero che stiate bene.
    Desidererei vedervi e comunicare come prima.
    Mi mancate sempre
    Il vostro vecchio amico

    This an English translation =
    I am still thinking of you. I hope you are well.
    I would like to see you and communicate with you as before
    I miss you always.
    Your old friend

    Hope that is what you wanted to say :) ;)