Penso che sarebbe utile avere un contratto


Dear forum users,

I would say:

"Penso che sarebbe utile avere un contratto, qualora già disponibile, per l'attività di consulenza prevista dal progetto. Se questo contratto non fosse disponibile le proporrei di redigerne provvisoriamente uno come base per il nostro futuro rapporto."

I would be grateful if you could check my following translation:

I think it would be useful to have, if any, the Terms of Reference for the consultant activity envisaged in the project. If these terms are not available, I would propose you to draft a ToRs as a basis for our future working discussions (perhaps better relationship?).

Thank you for your help

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  • bridgespotter

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    Ecco il mio tentativo 'I think it would be useful to have a contract, if available, for the envisaged activities of the consultant in the project. If there is no such contract available, I suggest you prepare a draft contract as a basis for our discussions.'