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    I am trying to better understand what the pentagrama nacional of a country is. As used for example in this paragraph that I am translating from Spanish to English...

    Con las luces apagadas de la iglesia San Marcos, scenario de una docena de artistas ecuatorianos, el centenar de asistentes se deleito con el pentagrama nacional y las imágenes de las ciudades de su territorio proyectada en una pantalla gigante.

    I recognize that a 'pentagrama' is a verse of some sort... So the Ecuadorian pentagrama is...? Is it like the American 'pledge of allegiance' or national verse that is recited on those special occasions?

    Would love to know... thanx.
  2. gogoaskea New Member

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    hello oishii,
    I think that pentagrama nacional is a figurative expresion, in spanish is used a lot, in this case means the national anthem. pentagrama is strave, so taking the part where notes are written (strave) the author would like, I guess to note that he/she is talking about the whole (national anthem)
    does it make sense? there is a spanish and english word for this but, sorry I'm not able to remember it right now
  3. Mirlo

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    En Panamá lo llamamos "El Himno Nacional",
    Espero te ayude,
  4. sir archie Banned

    it is definately " National Anthem" as in Th e Stars And Stripes For Ever or God Save The Queen/King

    And gogaskea , it is STAVE not strave
  5. sir archie Banned

    it is thanks not thanx
  6. Mirlo

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    Castellano, Panamá/ English-USA
    Se que es tarde, pero ahora que lo pienso podría ser el "Escudo Nacional" del país.

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