• For pentimento:

    Principal Translations:
    pentimento nm penitent
    pentimento nm pang

    Additional Translations:
    pentimento nm penance
    pentimento nm repentance

    pentimenti is just plural
    emilyspeed said:
    I think this is something to do with fading light? Use in art?

    Hello Emily Speed,

    is Art the context where you found this word? The full sentence would help.

    In the art context, specifically in the painting techniques, a pentimento is a change made by the painter to the picture while he is executing the painting itself, usually compared to the original sketch he might have done on the surface (be it a wall for a fresco or the canvas). The different course of the painting goes over the original sketch, which can sometimes be detected under the newer lay of paint by an X-ray test or other more advanced tast systems.

    Studying the pentimenti can give an idea of the development of the painter work, his/her technique and rethinking of the details or the overall layout, and generally speaking are usually considered the proof that the painting is not a copy.

    Look here for an example on a Caravaggio painting (studies on Caravaggio pentimenti help stating the authenticity of some of the works attributed to him only by style).

    This is my guess, given your hint.

    Hope it helps,