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Hello, everyone. I wanted to say "people who have sedentary jobs are easy to get overweight". I wasn't sure about the bold part, so I searched the Internet. I saw two alternative ways to say it (the bold part), but I'm not sure if they are orthodox. If you could tell me whether they are idiomatic, it would be great. Thanks!

"Most people with sedentary jobs are definitely into working with computers."

"Especially for people who are into sedentary jobs, bending forward or leaning can lay a huge stress on the vertebral joints in the upper spine."

"People in sedentary jobs need to take exercise."
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    This one doesn't mean the same thing.
    people who are into sedentary jobs. "To be into something" means to prefer it, to be enthusiastic about it.

    These two are fine:

    people with sedentary jobs
    People in sedentary jobs

    But your version is fine as well.

    You will want to look again at "are easy to get overweight". "Get" can mean "become", but in this construction, "get" is causative. Your sentence means that it is easy for someone else to cause them to be overweight. One solution is to use the verb "become" instead: easily become overweight.
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