people with too much enforced leisure

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I've just looked the word leisure up in the dictionary (leisure - time when one is not working or occupied; free time.) The entry about this word provides the following example:

people with too much enforced leisure

I'm not sure what does it mean exactly - could anybody explain please?
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    It’s difficult to discuss words or phrases out of context, which is why we require a complete sentence, in context, in this forum. Was there any more to the sentence? If not, can you find a different example? There is little point in discussing the phrase if we won’t know for sure if our answers are correct.


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    Time when one is not working or occupied; free time.

    ‘people with too much enforced leisure’
    leisure | Definition of leisure in English by Oxford Dictionaries
    "Leisure" or free time is a good thing when you are able to relax and enjoy it, but that isn't always the case.

    The concept of "enforced leisure" is a common one. If you are ill in bed, out of work, or for some other reason are forced to give up your normal activities, you find yourself with too much time on your hands.
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