per quanto egli ripetesse quelle stesse parole


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Hello all,

I'm having trouble with the exact meaning of "per quanto" in this rather long sentence, where "egli" is a wealthy man returned to his home town after travelling for two years through the new Kingdom of Italy. His town is unchanged, and he does nothing to change it; moreover, he is in the early stages of going insane (which may or may not be relevant, but I thought I'd add it). Here's the whole sentence, plus the one before it, which refers to a slightly mad speech he gave on the night he returned:

In quanto ai fasti di fine secolo, celebrati nel famoso discorso della prima sera, a Valloria non se ne ebbe mai traccia. E per quanto quelle stesse parole, egli le ripetesse di continuo sulla piazza a ovunque gli capitasse a tiro qualcuno che avesse temp e voglia di ascoltare la novità destinate a dare lustro al Regno, i contadini continuavano a faticare nelle campagne, i carbonai continuavano a far carbone nei boschi.....[ e altre persone continuavano a fare le solite cose].

Is this "per quanto" best translated with "while"? "Although"? "No matter how often"? Or have I got the construction wrong in some fundamental way? If so, the way I've reworded it in the subject line should show any error in how I'm reading it. At the moment I've got the following: "And no matter how often he repeated these same words, laden with fantastic hopes and expectations, out in the piazza and wherever he came across anyone who had the time and desire to listen to him talk about all the innovations that would bring glory to the Kingdom, the workers kept labouring in the fields...."
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