Per quanto riguarda vs Rispetto a

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by Never Got a Dinner, Feb 6, 2007.

  1. Never Got a Dinner

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    Allora questo viene spiegato spesso, ma mai comprensibilmente!

    Per noi anglofoni e' tanto piu' facile:


    Punto e basta.

    Allora, in italiano:

    1. What is the difference between "per quanto riguarda" and "rispetto a"?

    2. Do you ever say "per quanto riguardano"? (Some say no, but I have seen it.)

    3. Are there other ways to say "regarding"? What are our options?

    Con gratitudine,
  2. oetzi

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    1) No substantial difference; usually, you wouldn't use the latter at the beginning of a sentence.

    2) Definitely wrong.

    3) riguardo a; per quanto riguarda; quanto a...
    There are no real differences as to their use: it's just a matter of how it sounds with respect to the rest of the sentence.

    More precisely, "per quanto riguarda" corresponds to "as for ...", "as to...", "as regards ...", "as far as .... is concerned"; "rispetto a" corresponds to "with respect to".
  3. Angel.Aura

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    In realtà "rispetto a..." si usa anche per esprimere una scelta:
    - preferisco i gatti, che rispetto ai cani sono meno aggressivi
    - suo marito è più giovane rispetto al mio

    Ciao ;)
  4. virgilio Senior Member

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    Never Got a Dinner,
    Re:"Do you ever say "per quanto riguardano"? (Some say no, but I have seen it.)"

    When you saw it, it was still wrong. The reason is simple. The word "quanto" here = "tutto quello che" and the correlative pronoun "che" has here to be singular (since its correlative "quello" is singular) and "che" is plainly the verb's subject and so the verb has to be singular. Therefore "riguardano" cannot in this expression be right.

    (Literally "For how much regards...... (or)"For all that which regards.........!

    Best wishes
  5. runningman

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    Yes, it's possible you've heard "per quanto riguardano", but as oetzi said is certainly wrong.
  6. TimLA

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    This question is not directly related to this thread, but this thread is the most recent relevant one.

    Earlier, in another thread, I wanted to say "with respect to" and I wrote "per quanto riguarda" as a first draft.
    But being neurotic, I went to the dictionary and found "per quanto riguardo".
    So I changed it in the post...but it didn't look or sound right.
    Then I did a Google Fight and found 1,540,000 hits for "per quanto riguarda" and 41,000 hits for "per quanto riguardo".

    Now the question: How do I choose between them?

  7. fran06

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    Easy answer:

    per quanto riguardO = does not exist!

    per quanto riguarda = correct! ;)
  8. TimLA

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    Grazie mille, come sempre...
    Dobbiamo cambiare il dizionario...!!!!:D
  9. virgilio Senior Member

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    Devi fidarti della tua intuizione, mi pare!


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