per quanto riguarda

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by novella, Oct 4, 2005.

  1. novella Member

    Italia - Italiano
    How can I translate the expression "Per quanto riguarda questo..."?

    Thank you,

  2. nowall

    nowall Senior Member

    Italia, Italiano
    As regards this...
  3. novella Member

    Italia - Italiano
    Grazie molte!
    Scrivo anche il contesto che così magari è più chiaro:

    "Per quanto riguarda il premio in denaro..." ... Va bene se lo traduco "As regard the cash prize..."?


  4. franx Senior Member

    Italy - Italian, US English
    Forse più usato: "As for this..."
  5. nowall

    nowall Senior Member

    Italia, Italiano
    franx, in your eyes, isn't "as regards" more formal?
  6. lsp

    lsp Senior Member

    US, English
    Formally, I would say Regarding the cash prize/With regard to the cash prize... Informally you can just say About the cash prize....

    I would avoid As regards or As regard. See this site for Common English Errors: "Business English is deadly enough without scrambling it. 'As regards your downsizing plan...' is acceptable, if stiff. 'In regard to...' is also correct. But don’t confuse the two by writing 'In regards to.'"
  7. franx Senior Member

    Italy - Italian, US English
    I completely agree with what Isp wrote.
    Another expression you can use is also "Concerning the cash prize..."

    nowall, I can't exactly think of how to define the use of "As for" with respect to the other ones... I was about to say that it's more informal, but you can find it in formal writing as well... There is a clear difference in intention between "As for that other issue" and "About that other issue", but I can't quite put my finger on it... Ok, wait a sec, maybe it's that "About that other issue" is more like "Riguardo quell'altra cosa/situazione/problema/etc ..." mentre "As for" is more "Per quanto riguarda quell'altra cosa...". Siccome i concetti però sono molto simili, alla fine non fa molta differenza. Let me put it this way: "About","Regarding","With regard to" etc. introduce a topic, "As for" introduces another topic. Very subtle though, since of course if after talking about something you again introduce a new topic, you are effectively introducing another topic, but I think that's it.

    One situation where you can see the difference is that unless you're conceptually continuing a conversation you've previously had, you can't introduce the first topic of an exchange with "As for the cash prize...", just as you can't introduce it with "Per quanto riguarda", you would have to say "Regarding the cash prize, we have decided that...". ("About" is maybe yet a little different, in that it is also used to tie back into a topic that was mentioned by someone else; in Italian this would probably most closely match "A proposito del premio in denaro...")

    Alright, that's it. Sorry for the long post... :rolleyes:
  8. tiffy Member

    could you translate this into english please ;) thank you~

    Per quanto riguarda la situazione del figlio...nn hai capito
    male, volevo proprio farti intendere che con te volevo condividere la
    gioia di un figlio, e quel desiderio e' sempre in me.
  9. alahay

    alahay Senior Member

    Regarding the child didn't misunderstand, I actually wanted you to know that I don't want to share with you the joy of a child, and I always had this intention/wish.
  10. tiffy Member

    alahay.... this doesnt make sense to me ?? im confused.... does it say DO or DONT ??
  11. alahay

    alahay Senior Member

    I'm so sorry! DO is what was intended!
  12. tiffy Member

    are you sure???
  13. alahay

    alahay Senior Member

    I'm 100% positive, you can have your baby!
  14. kyle foley Senior Member

    Per piacere, I know what this means but I can't think of an elegant translation for it in English.

    Le predette dilberazioni di approvazione del progetto di fusione sono state iscritte presso il registro delle impreses di novara in data 14/9

    per quanto riguarda De Agostini S.p.A

    As of now I translate it as: for that which regards but I think there might be something better.

  15. disegno

    disegno Senior Member

    San Francisco
    United States English
    How about "As for..." or "In regard to..." o simply "Regarding...."
  16. kyle foley Senior Member

    I think you're right, regarding is what it's going to have to be. Thanks.
  17. sdcp Senior Member

    Hungarian, Slovakia
    With regard to the/concerning in Italian - per quanto riguarda?

    Grazie ragazzi ;)
  18. fran06

    fran06 Senior Member

    Italian Italy
    Correct :thumbsup:
  19. giacinta Senior Member

    With regard to the/concerning in Italian - per quanto riguarda?

    Puo' interessarti sapere che "per quanto riguarda" si usa anche se si parla delle cose plurali.

    Cioe' si dice "per quanto riguarda le altre persone ecc" non per quanto riguardano.."

  20. horseman Senior Member

    Italy, Campania

    Would "per quanto riguarda", equivalent to "in quanto a"? "rispetto a " ? All can be used the same way?
    The idiomatic expressions always confuse me.

  21. Paulfromitaly

    Paulfromitaly MODerator

    Brescia (Italy)
    "rispetto a " is more like "in comparison with" though.
  22. rossonero Member

    per quanto riguarda

    What's the best way to translate? For some concern?
  23. ElaineG

    ElaineG Senior Member

    Brooklyn NY
    "Per quanto riguarda X"="As for X", "As far as X goes," "Regarding X".

    Dipende (come sempre) dal contesto! ;)
  24. rossonero Member

    Thanks! A great phrase to know. Grazie
  25. erico Senior Member

    Japonsko, Japan, Japanese
    Ciao. I need your help again ....

    full line is ........
    Per quanto rigiarda il mio futuro faccio un passo alla volta.
    I cannot find the meaning of "rigiarda".
    How should I translate "rigiarda" into English ?

    (for this rigiarda my future which I step at the time (or in the direction ...) )

    Grazie :)
  26. Paulfromitaly

    Paulfromitaly MODerator

    Brescia (Italy)
    Spelling mistake: it's riguarda.
    As to my future, I will go on step by step.
  27. erico Senior Member

    Japonsko, Japan, Japanese
    Oh thank you very much !
    it was from famous Italian paper (I think ...) !
    and thanks for your help !!
  28. SerinusCanaria3075

    SerinusCanaria3075 Senior Member

    United States
    México, D.F. (Spanish)
    Per quanto riguarda can also be something like:
    "In regard to" or "as far as it concerns" right?
  29. furs

    furs Senior Member

    Right. More options:
    "As far as my future is concerned...."
    "With respect to my future..."
  30. Ziggurat23 Member

    Msida, Malta
    Italy - Italian
    Hi everyone,
    I was wondering if is correct to begin a sentence with "What about/How about ..." in the case I need some information. For example:
    What about the payment? ("Per quanto riguarda il pagamento? Is the translation correct?)
    How about the payment? (with the same meaning)
    What about the working hours?
    and so on.
    Thanks in advance
  31. pandinorombante

    pandinorombante Senior Member

    Around Europe
    Italy - Italian
    yes, it's correct.

    Ciao :)
  32. Ziggurat23 Member

    Msida, Malta
    Italy - Italian
    Thank you so much for your fast reply.
    Have a nice afternoon.
  33. Murphy

    Murphy Senior Member

    Sicily, Italy
    English, UK
    Ciao Ziggurat23,

    "What/How about" can't always be used to say "per quanto riguarda..", it depends on whether or not this is the first question you are asking about a particular subject. These expressions in English are used to ask follow-up questions, not the initial question, and in any case they are quite informal and are more likely to be used in a verbal conversation and not in writing.

    Eg. What does the job pay? Is the salary good?
    And what about the hours? Are they long?
    How about holidays? How many days do you get?

    It would not be correct to begin a conversation with these terms and I wouldn't use them in a letter, especially if it is formal.

    Other ways of saying "per quanto riguarda..." are:

    As for...
    As regards...
    As far as X is concerned...
    With regard to...

    Hope it helps:)
  34. pandinorombante

    pandinorombante Senior Member

    Around Europe
    Italy - Italian
    I totally agree with you, Murphy, actually I didn't clarify it better, because I thought that Ziggurat had asked only about the possibility of starting a sentence with "and what about...? How about...?"

    In any case, a good translation of that expressions is "e a proposito di...?" or "e per quanto riguarda/concerne etc ...?"

    Ciao a tutti e due! :)
  35. Ziggurat23 Member

    Msida, Malta
    Italy - Italian
    Thank you so much guys, I really appreciate your suggestions.
    Have a nice evening.
  36. t-rizzle New Member

    English - Australian
    what is the english translation of "per quanto riguarda", and in what context is it used?

    thanks in anticipation!
  37. You little ripper! Senior Member

    Australian English
  38. t-rizzle New Member

    English - Australian
    oh right.
    haha, thanks very much.
  39. Giona76 Senior Member

    per quanto riguarda a = as regards
  40. Ariel66 Senior Member

    Vorrei essere sicura se queste circunlocuzioni sono giuste:

    As for the atom goes, we can say that is made up of a central nucleus and a number of electrons revolving around it.

    Posso sostituire l'espressione sottolineata con

    As for the atom, we can say that.....
    About the atom, " "
    Speaking about the atom" "

    Qualcuno potrebbe suggerirmene altre?
  41. SpookyT Senior Member

    Milano, Italy

    Mi viene in mente As far as the atom is concerned (che è la forma più lunga di "as for..."). Le tue opzioni mi sembrano buone! Non sono sicura dell'ultima, nel senso che credo si possa dire ma forse suona un po' più colloquiale... ma potrei sbagliarmi :p
  42. rrose17

    rrose17 Senior Member

    Canada, English
    I like Spooky's take on this. Or even
    Regarding the atom, we can...
    To be honest, though it doesn't really flow all that well with the rest of the sentence. I think something like
    The atom, as we well know, is made up...
    Maybe this is too far from the Italian?
  43. SpookyT Senior Member

    Milano, Italy
    Not really. In Italian that would be "L'atomo, come sappiamo/come abbiamo già detto..."
    Especially if you talked about it earlier in the text, it's perfectly ok to say that (we would probably omit the "well"/"bene").

    Of course, if Ariel needs to change the subject or delve deeper into something the text has just hinted at, As for & co. sound better ;)

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