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  1. Angie Curvoisier New Member

    What does the latin phrase "per saltum" mean? I found it in an article referring to a legal situation. It says that a law is "per saltum" as follows: Per saltum. Un artículo de la recientemente sancionada Ley de "per saltum" establece que la sola "admisibilidad del recurso tendrá efectos suspensivos respecto de la resolución recurrida" (...).
    This is at the site triple double u dot lavoz dot com dot ar bar noticias bar politica bar ley hyphen medios hyphen tres hyphen miembros hyphen corte hyphen ya hyphen analizan hyphen saltum hyphen gobierno.
  2. Hamlet2508 Senior Member

    It means passing over certain proceedings and is derived from Latin Sicut natura nil facit per saltum, ita nec lex. As nature does nothing by a bound or leap, so neither does the law.
    Maybe you should have a look at this explanation in Spanish at

    Hopefully , I haven't posted another bare link again.
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  3. Angie Curvoisier New Member

    Thnx for the answer, Hamlet! It was pretty clear when I read it at that site. It's still a difficult legal subject, though. I guess I'll learn a lot of the Argentinian legal system from this. I'm not sure whether the site talks about that system or another one, but never mind; it still refers to the same thing.

    By the way, I wrote the hyperlink to the newspaper article like that 'cause I'm new and I read sth about having to write it that way when being new. Sorry if I gave you hard work.


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