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Ciao a tutti,
the most popular - and most renowned, I'd add - Italian puzzle magazine sometimes so titled ("Per solutori più che abili") the most complex crosswords and problems, to indicate that a superior level of skill was required to find the solution of that particular problem. Interestingly, the expression has since taken also a figurative meaning and has been used outside the strict domain of brainteasers.
What I'd like to know, however, is if there is an equivalent expression that is used in English puzzle magazines and whether a more or less literal translation of the thread title (for example, "Only for the skillest solvers") would sound natural in that context.

  • tsoapm

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    I don’t do puzzle magazines, but an alliterative, slightly different phrase popped into my head: for seasoned (i.e. experienced) solvers [only].


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    For an expression which exists already in contexts other than puzzles, you have the smartest of the smart. So you could say "only for the smartest of the smart".

    I like Mark's suggestion. Since your suggestion included the made-up word skillest I would avoid that one ;)

    Crossword fans can be called puzzlers or cruciverbalists. I don't read puzzle magazines so I don't know if they have some catchy titles like the one you mention. I'd be surprised if they didn't though.

    My suggestion: Only for the craftiest of cruciverbalists.


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    I'm a huge lover of puzzles, words and or numbers, and these days have been addicted to Kakuro. My latest super difficult book is advertised as being for only the "most skilled Kakuro-solvers" so perhaps "only the most skilled (puzzle) solvers" might be an option.

    @KC I don't know if it was intentional but it turns out "skillest" is quite a "gansta" word!

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    Thank you all, really lots of valuable suggestions to choose from;)

    @rrose, I'm not obsessed, but I love puzzles, too. And now that you mention it, "skillest solver" makes me think of Mr Wolf, the "fixer" (a "solver", in a sense) in Pulp Fiction.:cool:

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    I suggest 'For expert puzzlers'.

    OT. Did you know that some of the first codebreakers called to work on Enigma in Bletchley Park were spotted when they took part in a competition to solve a Daily Telegraph crossword in maximum 12 minutes?;) I personally used to do the DT cryptic crossword every day. I love word puzzles but I loathe number puzzles.