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Dictionary entry: percent

Ramón Meléndez

percent is a noun, thus a more accurate translation of it will be tanto por ciento that is also a noun (RAE) and a synonym of porcentaje, another translation of percent. You could also include porciento, another noun that is a synonym of porcentaje, mostly used in the Caribbean. (RAE DPD). You should separate this entry from per cent, and adverb and pair it alone with por ciento, another adverb. I see a lot of people translating percent incorrectly as percent as por ciento without paying attention to this distinction.
  • Thanks for your interest in our dictionaries. I've made some adjustments in the proposed translations since percentil and porcentaje are not really accurate for the current senses in my opinion. However, I do think that por ciento works perfectly for the sense out of 100, so I didn't delete this translation option. In order to add porcentaje to this entry, we need a new sense that covers this meaning (from Lexico):
    The rate, number, or amount in each hundred.
    ‘They speak of the reciprocal of the payback period as a percent per year rate of return.’
    ‘The second compatibility problem is a slow boot issue and we believe it is a small percent of users that have experienced this.’

    I will transfer this report to the team that manages the English base dictionary so they consider adding a new sense for this. EnBase, please also consider reranking this entry so that the first senses are out of 100 and the proposed new sense (if you decide to add it.)

    I've added the suggested sense, so you should see it in a translation project at some point. I've reranked as well.