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I am writing about labour rights violations at Chinese suppliers of some companies:

According to a report by China Labour Watch (CLW) published in November 2014, Walt Disney Company, Kid Galaxy, Mattel, Hasbro, Target Corp., and Hutchison Harbour Ring are among numerous companies sourcing from factories in Guangdong Province, China, that are associated with labour rights violations. The allegations towards the facilities include hiring discrimination, labour contract violations, excessive overtime work, unpaid wages, poor living conditions, as well as lack of effective grievance channels. The percentage share of the companies in the whole production has not been disclosed in the report.

I am unsure whether the last sentence is understandable and correct. I wanted it to mean that the report does not say to what extent each of the companies is involved. Thanks in advance :)
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    Hi, it seems perfectly clear to me. All these major companies have to have what we call their 'cut', i.e. their share in the profits (which, I may say, is rather large, judging by the retail cost of their toys in the UK.)


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    It's a bit unclear.
    What about saying something like "the report does not disclose to what extent each of the companies is involved".
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