Perceptions of parents whose behaviors deviate


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I'm starting to translate a psychology paper about workaholism. The title: "Perceptions of Parents Whose Work and Parenting Behaviors Deviate from Role Expectations". In the text the term "perception/s" is repeated many times. I know it means "percezione/i", but I'm not sure about its correct translation in this particular field. Other passages: "...enhanced perceptions of the professional competence of fathers, but not mothers... / ...XXX compared perceptions of female and male housespouses
whose primary duties were childcare and household work...".
Can I translate it as "percezione/i" or is there a more suitable term for it?
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    Ok grazie, infatti ho tradotto così. Si tratta di come vengono percepite le deviazioni dai ruoli genitoriali da parte di gruppi di studenti-esaminatori.
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