1. tonguingaround Senior Member

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    Una pregunta

    Perch y roost pueden ser intercambiables ? No entiendo bien la diferencia

    The bird perched on a branch
    The bird roosted on a branch

    Muchas gracias
  2. Pernil New Member

    Si queda mucho tiempo "roost" es preferible.
  3. Turrialba Member

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    Offhand and without checking a dictionary, I associate roosting with sleeping birds. When left outdoors, chickens will flap up onto low branches of trees at dusk for safety. When I see them preparing to sleep or sleeping on the branches, I say that they are roosting. Of course, they must first perch on the branch, but the word perch does not imply sleep. As a matter of fact, I think the word can also be a noun which refers to a nesting site high off the ground.

    Now let's wait to see if someone has a better answer.
  4. FromPA

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  5. phil-s Member

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    Note that both words are perfectly good verbs. And that "rooster" indeed comes from "roost".

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