• Brioche

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    Australia English
    A housefly or mosquito sits on the body ( hand or face).

    Can I say:

    "A housefly is perched on your face."

    I would say no.
    The basic meaning of the noun perch is a rod or pole for a bird to roost on.

    The verb perch means to settle or rest on a perch, as a bird does, or settle or rest on some elevated position, as if on a perch.

    A fly on a face does not resemble a bird on a thin rod.

    Harry Batt

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    USA English
    A housefly perched. Wonderful figurative language! Can I borrow it from you? It would not work, as Brioche describes, if you are writing a documentary piece, but fiction is a different story.


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    USA, English
    The word "perched" would be unusual in reference to a housefly. It would probably be taken to mean the housefly was unusually large, so that its behavior is described as if it were a bird. The remark would be deemed facetious.

    Houseflies generally "land," or "alight," or "light."