percuter contre quelque chose / percuter quelque chose


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Dear all
I'm wondering when to use on percte vs. on percute contre... Robert gives examples of both. Many thanks
  • la grive solitaire

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    Hi Rex,
    Interesting question. Perhaps it's the difference between to hit = heurter/percuter and to crash into = percuter contre? Sa voiture a percuté la mienne, but J'ai failli percuter ma voiture contre l'arbre?

    Jean-Michel Carrère

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    The Robert monolingual dictionary says percuter contre is used to talk about a vehicle crashing into an obstacle or another vehicle.

    To the best of my knowledge, in that sense percuter (used alone) is far more common.

    la voiture est allée percuter de plein fouet le véhicule qui venait en sens inverse.
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