Perdón por ser chute [shute]...

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  1. meganita New Member

    Hola Amigos,

    Puedes decirme lo que esta frase significa..."Perdon por ser chute"

    Someone told a harsh joke and I think it means sorry for being blunt,
    but I am not sure?!

  2. Alisterio

    Alisterio Senior Member

    Mexico City
    UK English

    I've never heard the expression before, I'm afraid. Any clues as to what country the speaker was from? If it's slang, this can vary greatly from one place to the next.

    The Diccionario de la Real Academia has three possible definitions:
    (Del ingl. shoot).
    1. m. jerg. Inyección de droga.
    2. m. Chile. patade (golpe con el pie).
    3. m. vulg. Chile. lechuguino (hombre joven que se compone mucho).

    Could it be the last one?
  3. meganita New Member

    The speaker is from Guatemala. Yeah, I think it is slang.
    I'm not sure, but the last one does appear to be the best option.

    -Gracias por su ayuda :]
  4. fenixpollo

    fenixpollo moderator

    American English
    Maybe instead of "sorry for being blunt", he meant "sorry for being so juvenile", or something to that effect...
  5. Viniaki Senior Member

    Rialto, California
    U.S.A. Spanish
    Hi: I am from Guatemala and I can tell you that it's a commonly used colloquial expression that describes a nosy person, or someone that invites himself to a conversation without being asked. "Sorry for butting in but I must say..." La palabra metiche sería talvez más universalmente conocida. And in Guatemala (maybe a linguist can explain it better) some words that have indigenous influences and have the letters ch, sound like sh. So you would hear it like this...shute. Saludos.
  6. Giorgio Lontano

    Giorgio Lontano Senior Member

    Nova Guatemala da Assunção.
    Guatemala - Español
    It is actually written "Shute". And Viniaki nailed the translation: "nosy". :p

    I'm not sure, but I think the word is also known in El Salvador (I had game of cards that was like "Uno" and it had a card named "Shute", it was made in El Salvador).

    There are some derived words like:

    Shutear - verb
    Shutencia - "nosyness"

    The word "shute" also means sting, like the one from a wasp, which I believe is the origin of the other meaning.

    e.g. El shute (aguijón) se mete en la piel así como la persona shute (entrometida) "se mete" en la conversación.

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  7. Alisterio

    Alisterio Senior Member

    Mexico City
    UK English
    See! We needed some Guatemalans to clear that one up for us. Thanks guys, I learnt something new today.
  8. meganita New Member

    Muchas gracias a todos! Ahora esta claro. The speaker lives in Guatemala, but is actually from El Salvador, so that's really interesting-Thanks Giorgio Lontano!
  9. free walk New Member

    Chute means nosy or butting in. no seas chute! mas chute que! metiendose donde no quiera. i'm Salvadorean.
  10. Giorgio Lontano

    Giorgio Lontano Senior Member

    Nova Guatemala da Assunção.
    Guatemala - Español
    I was thinking about this thread the other day, and I realized that the "correct correct" spelling of the word is xute, with that "x" sounding like an English "sh" as in other Mayan words (which this appears to be) currently used in Guatemalan and Central American Spanish, like ixto, paxte, Xelajú, and others.


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