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    Hi and welcome TrAb8989!!!

    Well, I hope this is not too late, I'm studying Japanese, I'm not a very advanced student, but I've asked to my sensei the meaning of those kanjis and she said that the first one and the middle one together means completely, from what she knows both kanjis are necessary to write completely,and the other means dark, she said that altogether means something like "darkness". So I think you are right :)



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    Yeah, the middle character means "all" as in 全て (subete). All Nippon Airlines is written 全日空 (all Japan air, pronounced "zennikuu"). Completely is made from the combination kanjis: 完全 (kanzen). In Japanese we have onyomi and kunyomi pronounciations of kanjis, one being the Japanese version, the other the Chinese derivative. We also use "ma" for completely or entirely, as in 真っ黒 (pitch black, "makkuro" where "kuro" is black). Hope that's of some help.