Perfect fit or fitted perfectly.

My friend parseled me a dress. So is asking me whether it fits me okay:
Friend : Did it fit you okay/fine/perfectly?
I: Yes, it fitted me perfectly/fine/okay.
Or should I use:
It was a perfect fit.
So is the use of"fitted perfectly/okay/fine" correct?
Thank you
  • Hermione Golightly

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    'It's a perfect fit, thank you.'
    'It fits perfectly.'
    The two above mean the same.

    'Okay' and 'fine' do not mean 'perfectly' so they are not acceptable.

    ('My friend parseled me a dress'. What does this mean? There's no such verb.)
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    The words we would use in the question and the answer are different:

    Did it fit you okay? :tick: / Did it fit you fine? :cross: / Did it fit you perfectly? :thumbsdown:

    Yes, it fitted me okay :tick: / Yes, it fitted me fine :tick: / Yes, it fitted me perfectly :tick: