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    ho dei dubbi sulla traduzione di performance in questo estratto di testo (rgomento, teorie della didattica della matematica)
    < If indeed there is a new performance model, we must be conscious of the dangers of the accountability regime in many Western countries. Focusing on performance can be misinterpreted and draw us back into old performance models. >

    la mia idea:
    < Se davvero c'è un nuovo modello di risultato, dobbiamo essere consapevoli del regime di responsabilità in molto paesi occidentali. Concentrandosi sulle prestazioni, esse possono essere mal interpretate e portarci di nuovo ai vecchi modelli di risultato. >

    Grazie in anticipo
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    Hi lisalawer - I see you've chosen two different words (prestazioni, risultato) for the same English word. I don't know how Italian math experts talk about this, but the text in English seems to refer to the tension between the newer models of math education which focus on conceptual learning in meaningful contexts and applications, and the old procedural styles which may yield correct results without understanding. Does this help you at all??
    However, the last sentence is not clear in English. Without knowing what you're reading, I don't know what is meant by "old performance models."
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    they were talking about some theories in use within the mathematics education research

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