1. peruviangirl Senior Member

    Hola a todos... como podría decir "periódico mural" en inglés... si alguien puede ayudarme se lo agradecería mucho...

    Could it be "mural newspaper"???

    Saludos, Diana. ;)
  2. Whisky con ron Senior Member

    Venezuela / Español
    Hola Diana...

    Yo primera vez que oigo lo de periódico mural.. nos das un sinónimo o un ejemplo?
  3. El Estudiante

    El Estudiante Senior Member

    EEUU, english
    Hola peruviangirl. I think it would be called a "broadsheet" to distinguish it from a smaller newspaper called a tabloid.
  4. Mita

    Mita Senior Member

    Chile - Español
  5. Whisky con ron Senior Member

    Venezuela / Español
    AH! la cartelera! :)
  6. El Estudiante

    El Estudiante Senior Member

    EEUU, english
    Its meaning varies from place to place, but another very common meaning is "newsletter". If you do a google search on "periódico mural" you will find many newsletters, the fourth link on the second page of google results is an excellent example of a student newsletter called the "Nuevo Periódico Mural Estudiantil".
  7. Mita

    Mita Senior Member

    Chile - Español
    Hmm...:confused: I got confused :D I think a newsletter is a "boletín informativo"; a bulletin board would be something where you can put newsletters (in a "diario mural" you can put "boletines informativos", afiches, etc.).
    Is this the "nuevo periódico mural estudiantil"? http://www.nodo50.org/estudiantesmapuches/newentuain_diario2.gif
    If that was the newsletter you were refering to, it would not be a "diario mural". It would be just a "boletín informativo"...
    However, we have to wait for more opinions :)
  8. peruviangirl Senior Member

    Hi everybody ;)

    "Periódico mural" is widely used at schools, institutes, or even universities in my country. it's like a big board where you put some articles which are changed each month and they are written according to the holidays, for example, this month on June, 24th is the peasant's day, so it means that in the leading article or "editorial", we are going to write something about this holiday. In addition, this "periódico mural" is usually done for the different subjects areas; in my case, for instance, it's done by the English area. But Mita, it's not as disorganized as in the picture of the link, indeed it has a special order:
    first of all, it has the "editorial" that is an article that presents the main idea and welcome the readers. Second, it has an article talking about the area which did this "periódico mural". It also has an article with a biography of an important representative. Besides that, there are some articles about art, poetry, humor, and also news, of course about maybe English seminars...

    Well, I hope you can help me... Thanks for sharing your knowledge with this humble person... jeje...
  9. QUIJOTE Senior Member

    Bulletin board even billboard may work.
  10. El Estudiante

    El Estudiante Senior Member

    EEUU, english
    Peruviangirl, I would not call it a bulletin board or a billboard, because they have the connotation of random postings such as last minute schedule changes, or notices posted by people looking to buy or sell something. If you said that you posted an editorial on a bulletin board, it really would not sound right. What you have described is something much more purposeful and structured than a bulletin board. It is truly a community newspaper created and posted on a wall. It is something that we do not have in America, and I just do not think we have a word for it. I think that I would simply use the spanish term periódico mural, and give a short explanation of what it means, just as you have done here. Sorry I could not help you more.
  11. auxiliadora New Member

    I agree with Peruvian girl. When I went to college in Costa Rica for my first degree, we did "periodicos murales" as part of PR projects to be done at the factories to inform employees about the differente activities of the company. I did not hear the word "tablones" o "tablas" (which in my country this term refers to wood boards) until I came to the US
  12. Ally87 Member

    Colombia -Español
    Hi there!

    It's been a long time since the last post but I thought that this might be useful for future searches. A possible expression for "periódico mural" is NEWSBOARD. I found it here: w3.blundells.org/academic/english/index.htm

    I hope it is useful!
  13. panchis New Member

    Playas de Rosarito, Baja California, Mexico
    English - US (Pennsylvania)
    I work at a school in Baja California, Mexico, and they use the word "friso" to refer to a bulletin board. Although most other Mexicans I have spoken to say "periodico mural" to refer to the bulletin board that is decorated by the teacher within the school.

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