perito aziendale corrispondente in lingue estere

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  1. swamikia Member

    italian, italy
    I am trying to translate my cv into english and at high school i got the degree of "perito aziendale in corrispondenze estere". So, I saw in another post that "perito aziendale" is translated with business expert, but what about the rest? I tried something like "business expert with international relation" but it does not sound good at all.
    Can any of you help me?!?:confused:
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  2. Murphy

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    Hi swamikia,
    It's always difficult to translate educational qualifications accurately, because different countries obviously have different systems. There are a couple of points you need to be aware of:

    1. Degree = laurea. So if you are talking about your High School qualification, you should use "diploma".

    2. The word "expert" implies not only qualifications, but also experience, so I don't think it's the correct word here. The Oxford Paravia dictionary gives one of the translations of "perito" as "someone who has obtained a diploma from a technical high school."

    Perhaps you could describe your qualification as a "Diploma in International Business studies" or something similar.

    I'm no expert in business studies, so you might like to wait for other opinions:)
  3. swamikia Member

    italian, italy
    The problem is that "diploma in international business studies" says that I have knowledge of international business rules or something, but it is not like that. I have this diploma of business BUT what makes the difference is that I can also commercially comunicate with other countries in other languages such as german, english and french. That's what I cannot explain!!
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  4. Murphy

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    In that case, you will probably have to say something like:
    "Diploma in business studies and languages" or
    "Diploma in business studies and English, German and French"
  5. swamikia Member

    italian, italy
    I think that diploma in business studies and languages suits me the best.
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  6. Lucy Van Pelt Senior Member

    Florence, Italy
    Anche io ho frequentato la stessa scuola:), anzi per l'esattezza si chiamava I.T.C. per periti aziendali e corrispondenti in lingue estere.

    Quando andavo appunto a quella scuola, l'insegnante d'inglese ce lo faceva tradurre come "...for business experts and foreign correspondents".
  7. k_georgiadis

    k_georgiadis Senior Member

    NJ, USA
    English (AE)
    It could be:

    Business technical expert and foreign-language correspondent/clerk
    In-house business expert and foreign-language correspondent/clerk
  8. tsoapm

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    English (England)
    Misleading, I'd say: I agree with Murphy in #2 that "expert" suggests experience, and the foreign correspondents that I know of are TV and print journalists in foreign countries.

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