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Context/ offshore wind farms;

it seems to be a kind of flexible approach to the budget in the pre-development phase, see this explanation which suggests it exists in the UK, but what would the term be?

Éolien en mer : le 'permis enveloppe' pour une baisse réelle des coûts

For info, here is my text

Le système réglementaire du « permis enveloppe » permet un développement de projet qui optimisera les alignements des éoliennes et les dispositions des câbles sous-marins en fonction de l’avancée des études.

My suggestion: initial budget/pre-planning permission budget?
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    I wonder if you can just use 'envelope permit'?

    Looking around the internet, I found, for example:

    “Envelope” has the same meaning as prescribed under A.R.S. § 28-1141 encompassing the outermost dimensions of a load or vehicle'

    which refers to an 'envelope permit' for heavy goods vehicles. It suggests that an 'envelope permit' covers the maximum that the development is going to cost/require. Which seems to tie in with the article found under the link you included.


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    Hmmm, having just read a little more, I don`t think it is a budget but rather a series of preliminary measures in order to simplify the whole procedure. I wouldn't know if there is an exact translation into English since it is a newish and very specific measure which seems to only concern renewable energies. Hope this helps a little, tough!:)


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    And I have just found the following :p: "envelope permit"; see here (towards the end of page 5).
    Edit: if we are talking about the same thing, I definitely feel "design envelope" sounds better than the very literal "envelope permit" :rolleyes:
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