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I came across pernickety in another thread. At first I thought is was a misspelling of persnickety, but not so.

These are considered synonyms.

I've never heard pernickety in the USA. Is it primarily used in BE?

NOTE: My spell checker flags pernickety as a misspelling.
  • ewie

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    I'm familiar with pernickety, Pack ~ it's fairly common in BE. Persnickety, however, looks very odd, almost as though someone sneezed in the middle of saying pernickety.


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    I believe I may well be the one that used this;). I haven't heard "persnickety" over here (although I have heard it from Americans) - and you may be interested to know that my BE spell-checker doesn't recognise "persnickety"!

    Edit - oh it doesn't recognise "pernickety" either, so I suppose that doesn't prove anything!:D


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    Well, if it's any consolation (to anyone), I used to think the word was fernickety ~ a kind of 'extended version' of finicky


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    I was certain we'd been through this before, but apparently not :)

    OED lists pernickety from 1808, persnickety as a US variant from 1892.
    Nothing (sorry ewie) on fernickety.


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    OED lists both pernickety (BE) and persnickety (AE). I, like several others, had never come across the term used on the other side of the pond.


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    The OED doesn't know everything. I found this in 'Google books": it's the earliest of three citations of the word.

    The Thousand Deaths of Mr. Small, by Gerald Kersh - 1950.
    ... a fernickety toilet, and little money to spare for fripperies— perfumes, toilet
    waters, soaps, dressing cases, towels, sponges, all that kind of thing, ... (p. 142)​

    Gerald Kersh (1911-1968) was a British writer, as you may know. I didn't.
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