Pero Te extraño


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I would like to have a song translated for me. My boyfriend is Romanian and I am Colombian, and I would love to surprise him with a song that i want to dedicate to him, but in his own language.
The song is called "te Extraño" and here are the lyrics:

Pero Te extraño
Armando Manzanero Canche

Te extraño
Como se extrañan
las noches sin estrellas
Como se extrañan las mañanas bellas

The rest here.
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  • Thank you Adaa for the translation.
    Although the system administrator took off the rest of the song. heres the rest of the lyrics if you can help :) or 4 somebody else to help me. Thank you very much!:

    Edit: Deleted. The administrator took off the rest for a reason! :) Interested parties can click on the link.