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    What is the original word for آخه ? which is used in colloquial Persian to express (frustration, anger, dissatisfaction...etc)

    The word آخر seems to be the most possible one. I've read it in a context which conveys the same meaning, here it is:

    مسافران بیچاره، سر و صدایشان بلند شد که: « آخر این چه نوع عدل و دادی است که بدون پول دادن کاری پیش نمی رود؟»

    But can you confirm please, if (aakhe) is the shortened form of (aakher/aakhar)?


    By the way, what about آخی ? I don't think it means the same.
    Which is mostly used to show love or passion towards kids as in:
    آخی چه نازه این بچه

    And what about آخیش :confused:

    What is the origin of these two?
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    I have the same question!!! Will be waiting for the answer as well.....
    (I had the impression that آخر was the 'written version' of the sound آخه too, but I could be wrong..)
  3. Treaty Senior Member

    آخر and آخه show interrogatory anger. They are related to Arabic آخر (end). It somehow means "overall" or "in conclusion".
    آخر normally means "end" . Both of them pronounced like آخر in Arabic meaning "other" (with fat-he).
    The other آخs are just sounds:
    آخ and اوخ are sound of pain (ouch!)
    اخ [æx] is sound of disgust (aargh!)
    آخی [axei] is sound of showing emotion or grief.
    آخیش [axeiʃ ] is sound of relief.
  4. sanjab_mahi Member

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    thanks Treaty.
    can you tell us, does this word also have sometimes a meaning similar to 'because'?? (I have this stuck in my mind for some reason..)
  5. Treaty Senior Member

    Yes, but usually in a manner of finding some excuse.
  6. darush Senior Member

    ناصرالدین شاه می خواست خیابانی مثل شانزه لیزه پاریس در تهران ایجاد شود، آخر او در سفرش به فرنگ از دیدنی های شانزه لیزه خیلی لذت برده بود

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    Thank you for your answers

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