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    Someone once told me that the name of either Iran’s or Turkey’s most famous popular car was شاهین – I can't remember which of these two countries the شاهین was manufactured in.

    Is شاهین the name of a very popular Iranian car, please? If not, what is the name of the most famous, popular car manufactured in Iran?

    Perhaps it's the equivalent of Germany's Volkswagen but I really don't know - I know so very little about cars.

    I have a feeling that it is perhaps not manufactured any more, or at any rate is less popular that it was.

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    No. I have never heard that. We do not have such a car here in Iran.
    It is a name of a bird called hawk in English. It is also a Persian male name which is very famous name among boys.
    I myself have many friends whose names are شاهین
    There were some few factories in Iran manufacturing some motorcycles with that brand but for cars I have never heard that.
    There are many. One is Pride.
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    I think the car you're referring to is : آریا شاهین which is a very old brand and out of production today. It was Rambler American assembled in Iran and sold under the name آریا شاهین or simply آریا or شاهین

    I think it was a very popular car 3 or 4 decades ago. Other famous brands include : پیکان ٬ پراید ٬‌ پژو ٬ سمند
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    Thank you so much, I'm sure that must be it.
    Could I please trouble you for the exact pronunciation of these? Do any of them actually have a meaning in Persian? If so, what do they mean?
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    سمند = means a (dun) brownish-grey color horse
    It is not used in our daily conversations. It is a historical name referring to the horse mentioned. You can see the word only on cars and in some historical stories.
    In Persian it is pronounced: sæmænd

    Pronunciation guide:
    æ = hat

    Have look at this link:سمند
    We usually use the word for cars. We rarely use it to refer to the horse.

    پژو = Peugeot = is trademark - A French manufacturer of cars. It has no particular meaning.
    Have look at this link:
    In Persian it is pronounced: peʒɔː

    Pronunciation guide:
    vision = ʒ
    horse = ɔː

    پراید = has no meaning. It is a loan word taken from English language.
    In Persian it is pronounced as "pride" praɪd
    In fact it is the word "Pride" taken from English. We Persian people never use the word except in English readings or for cars called "Pride"

    Pronunciation guide:
    eye =

    Have look at this link:پراید

    پیکان = means "arrow"
    In Persian we use it to refer to the car named by that or to Arrow used in books or articles things and stuff like that.
    In Persian it is pronounced: peɪkaːn
    Have look at this link:پیکان_(خودرو)

    Pronunciation guide:
    day =

    farm =
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    Many thanks, indeed truly excellent.

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