Persian: آن طرف نزدیک در

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  1. Daffodil100

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    - ببخشید ناصری ٬ آن آقا و خانم کی هستند ؟
    - خانم نصری :‌ آنها که آن طرف هستند ؟
    - بله ٬ آن طرف نزدیک در ؟


    Previously I learnt در is a prep, which is applied to ahead of place to indicate the location.

    Why is it put after the location this context?

    I think it should be as below:
    در آن طرف نزدیک در
    (at near that side)

    Please advise. Thank you!
  2. Treaty Senior Member

    در also means "door". Here it means "near the door".
  3. Daffodil100

    Daffodil100 Senior Member

    Thank you very much for your help. I forgot it.

    Then it is not necessary to put در ahead of this phrase, because it is not specific?
  4. Treaty Senior Member

    I didn't get your question well. The phrase is like this:
    در آن طرف، نزدیک در
    on that side, near the door!

    You can omit the first در before آن. However, you cannot change the position of the second در (door). Otherwise the meaning will change dramatically.

    If you say نزدیک در، [در] آن طرف it will still mean similarly but the emphasis is probably changed.
  5. Daffodil100

    Daffodil100 Senior Member

    Thank you!

    Let me recap my words.

    - I assume در can be omitted because the place is not very specific, like in class, or in garden, in a city, but a relative vague place near the door.
    - Can در be omitted any time? i.e. in the following sentences I made. Both correct?

    او در باغ است

    او باغ است
  6. Treaty Senior Member

    I would say it can be omitted in many occasions either specific or not. However, you should note it is mainly a colloquial usage. In formal language this omission occurs but less. Your examples are formal. So, I would rather keep در. If it was informal (اون باغه vs اون تو باغه), I'd have still gone for the one with تو (= در)ـ, though without تو was not incorrect (it is my personal opinion, I always use در before باغ).
  7. Daffodil100

    Daffodil100 Senior Member

    Thank you for your reply, Treaty.

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