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I found احوال پرسی (/ahvaal porsi/ or /ehvaal porsi/?) in my Persian book to be translated as: "greeting", however when I looked up احوال I found that it means "event" and I could not find پرسی as a separate word in the wiktionary.
According to another source it means "to inquire after someone's health" which is close enough to "greeting", yet I don't understand how it came to that.
Could somone explain how this compound word(?) was formed and how this meaning got attached to it, please?

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    aHvaal is the plural of Haal, which means condition/state. You must know Haal-i-shumaa che taur ast? How are you?

    pursii is from the verb pursiidan to ask/to enquire. It consists of the root purs and the -ii ending, which makes the whole compund nomina.

    aHvaal-purs-ii "Asking (about someone's) circumstances/health" etc.
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    To add to above, 'to ask after someone', as a verb, is احوال‌پرسی کردن, 'ahvaalporsi kardan'.