Persian: از روی/سر خشم

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    Can you tell me the literal meaning of روی here? I don't think it means (face), does it?
    I know the meaning of it, which is (because of anger/angrily) but want also to know the literal meaning of روی.
    I have the same question about سر too. what does it mean separately?

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    روی = on
    on the table. = روی میز

    سر = head
    his head is round. = سر او گرد است

    از = of - from - than
    از نیویورک تا واشینگتن = From New York to Washington
    چهره ای از خوشحالی = Expression of happiness
    بززرگتر از آن = Bigger than that

    از روی = Ly (changes a verb into an adverb)
    از سر = Ly (changes a verb into an adverb)

    من با او از روی خوشحالی صحبت کردم = I talked to him happily.
    من با او از سر خشم صحبت کردم = I talked to him angrily.

    Note: از روی and از سر don not always play the role of an adverb. It depends on a sentence. Now I am going to give you some sentences by them which don't play the role of the adverbs.

    آنها از روی پل پریدند = They jumped over the bridge
    گربه از سر من پرید = The cat jumped over my head

    It depends on what you want to say.
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    از سر / روی gives the motivation for doing something same as "out of" in English :

    از سر خشم / از روی خشم = out of anger

    Have you ever broken anything out of anger = تا حالا چیزی را از سر خشم (= عصبانیت) شکسته اید؟

    از سر/روی کنجکاوی = out of curiosity

    از سر/روی مهربانی = out of kindness

    what's the last thing you did out of kindness? = آخرین کاری که از روی مهربانی کردید چه بود؟

    از سر /روی حسادت = out of jealousy

    so often wars are started out of jealousy, = بسیاری مواقع جنگ ها از روی حسادت آغاز می‌شوند
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    خیلی ممنونم دست جفتتان درد نکند
    توی لغت نامه دهخدا میبینم نوشته (سر) معنای سبب/علت هم داره:

    - از سَرِ ز سَرِ ؛ از روی . بسبب . بخاطر

    ولی چونکه این دوتا کلمه با (از) شروع میشن بر عکس بقیه که با (ب) یک کم شک داشتم وخواستم مطمئن بشم :rolleyes:

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