Persian: افعی جانشان گرما دیده ‌است

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    I am writing with a question about the meaning of the following phrase from the title of an article on Javan Online: "افعی جانشان گرما دیده ‌است". The article can be found here:اهالی-فتنه-۸۸-افعی-جانشان-گرما-دیده-‌است . The full title is "رئیس قوه قضاییه: اهالی فتنه ۸۸ افعی جانشان گرما دیده ‌است".

    I know افعی is "viper" or "serpent", so would a good translation be: "Head of the Judiciary: The people of the '88 fitna are [like] a viper that is still alive"?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    Considering that snakes become inactive during cold, it refers to the reactivation of them by heat. So the translation is probably:

    "The spirit of 88-Fitna people is [re-]awakened like a hibernated serpent when gets heated."
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    Thank you.

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