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    What does انقلاب mean ? Below is the context.

    خانه ما در خیابان انقلاب است. خیابان انقلاب یکی از خیابانهای تهران است.

    Some online dictionary defines it a revolution, or radical change. I guess it means a radical changed street.
    Thank you!
  2. Treaty Senior Member

    انقلاب is the name of the street. After the 1979 Revolution many streets were named انقلاب. For saying the streets name we use xiyābān e NAME.
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    Many thanks! I see now. I kept thinking about it yesterday.:confused:
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    A radically changed street?! I am not sure there is a single word in Persian for this combination: 'radically changed'.

    خیابانِ سَراپا دِگَرگون شَُدِه

    خیابانِ سَراسَر دگرشده

    خیابانِ کامِلاً تَغییریافتِه
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  6. mannoushka Senior Member

    I'm sure that 'radical change' is one of the definitions, Daffodil100. I also trust the dictionary mentions that 'enghelaab' is a noun, not an adjective. It follows that although the word does mean 'revolution', 'radical change', 'sudden change of state', etc., it does not attach itself to another noun to do the job of an adjective. So the Persian language scholar may rest easy about sensing that 'Khiaabaan-e Enghelaab' could not mean 'the street that has changed radically'. For that you might use 'khiaabaan-e monghaleb', but this would be an unfamiliar-sounding phrase to use, even though the adjective 'monghaleb' is directly derived from the word 'enghelaab'. That is why I tried a few ways of saying a 'radically changed street' in Faarsi-e marsoom (= 'Persian as used by natives', if one's paraphrasing).
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    Thank you very much for your input.

    I don't mean I want to translate that. Previously I didn't name of a street. Sorry for the confusion.
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    Me, too. Enghelaab is the name of a fairly old street of Tehran, the capital city of Iran. It's where the campus of the first ever modern university (Tehran University) to be established in my country was built around the year 1934 A.D. I believe The College of Alborz, the first ever modern boys' college __ first ever in Tehran at any rate __ was and may still be situated along Khiaabaan-e Enghelaab, too. So the street has a bit of a history of its own, even if one does not mention that during the months, even perhaps years, of struggle by students and ordinary citizens to overthrow the old regime of the Pahlavi dynasty, the street became a site of many historic scenes, some of them bloody.
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    Mannoushka, Thank you for your comment.

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