Persian: اهل (inhabitant) is unusual word?

Discussion in 'Indo-Iranian Languages' started by Daffodil100, Jun 23, 2013.

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  2. phsec New Member

    Hi there;
    No, this is not an unusual word in Persian, actually it's very common ! but I think the reason that you couldn't find any meaning is because this word hasn't any meaning in English singly .... maybe we can say the closest English word to "اهل" is "from" ! ... but the meaning of your sentence is : "I'm FROM Shanghai"
    Actually it's like "the" in English that it hasn't any specific meaning in Persian, but when it comes with another word like "cars" then you can translate it to the Persian : "ماشین ها" ...
  3. Treaty Senior Member

    It's again a keyboard problem of Hayyem. Try ahl transliteration. This time I've no idea why it can't find it!
    However, I could find اهل in Aryanpour.
  4. Daffodil100

    Daffodil100 Senior Member

    Thank you both very much for your replies. I found it in Arayanpour this time. Sorry.
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    Yes! As Treaty mentioned it could be your keyboard. I just tried اهل and got this. But as suggested it might be better to try the transliterated forms when using these online lexicons - assuming they allow it.

    BTW, as of late (year or over) I too have found the online Aryanpour a problem.
  6. Daffodil100

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    Thank you for yor comment, Faylasoof SaaHib.

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