Persian: باک مدار

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  1. chizinist Senior Member

    خوشتر از جان چه بود جان برود باک مدار
    غم رفتن چه خوری چون به از آن می آید

    A translation of this that I have found is-

    There’s nothing sweeter than life
    But you shouldn’t be afraid to lose it
    Why be afraid of going when something better is coming?

    How does باک مدار fit into this?

    Also, how does the word چه in the third line function? Does it mean "what" or "why" here?
  2. darush Senior Member

    باک مدار: not be afraid or don't be afraid------>you should't be afraid
    che in third line: why
    چرا: why
    چطور/چگونه: how
    colloquial of what?!: چی؟
  3. aisha93

    aisha93 Senior Member

    Hi, I found this here:

    تو باک مدار که ما آن چنانکه بستان ترا سبز کردیم
    همه ٔ چرندگان را پوزه بند بربستیم

    Can باک مدار be also translated as "don't worry, fret not...etc" besides "don't be afraid, don't get sccared...etc"?

    Also what is the root for the word مدار? is it داشتن? i.e. باک مدار=ترس نداشته باش ?

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