Persian: با گرفتن یک دستگاه

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Hi everybody! I hope you are well amid this Covid-19 pandemic!
The other day I came across this sentence:

با گرفتن یک دستگاه: مادران پدران و سایر افراد خانواده را که تمام روز در انتظار بازگشت شما به منزل ساعات خسته کننده‌ای را تحمّل می‌کنند سَرگَرم و خُشنود نگاه‌دارید

Although, I understand everything after the colon and all the words before it, I still can't make sense of what the part in bold is supposed to mean.

Could you please help!

Thanks in advance for your time!
  • ebrahim

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    The use of the colon is incorrect here unless there are other sentences that are explaining the benefits of the device. Anyhow, it means "By purchasing a gadget/device/machine, ...."
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