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Can someone please explain the word "بدین" in Ferdowsi's famous line:

بسی رنج بردم در این سال سی -- عجم زنده کردم بدین پارسی

At first I thought it meant "with this religion", but apparently it's a different word. Is it still the prefix بـ with the word دین, and what is the meaning of the word دین here?
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    It is from the preposition: Old Persian pati, Middle Persian pad, Early New Persian pa, Modern Persian ba. The historic -d is retained in fixed combinations like paδ-īn (baδ-īn), paδ-ōy etc. It means simply “in it”.


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    به این → بدین
    به آن → بدان
    به او → بدو
    به ایشان → بدیشان
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