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    I am writing with a question about the following dialogue from a political cartoon on the Fars News Web site (

    !پس این جن که برای سرنگونی بشار اسد اجیر شده بود کو؟

    !جا تره و طرف، نیست! نمیدونم چرا تا منو دید، غیبش زد

    I am not sure about the meaning of "جا تره و طرف", but here is my attempted translation:

    "Well, where is this elf that was hired to overthrow Bashar Assad?!"

    "[Ja tare o taraf, nist!] I don't know why but he disappeared right when I saw you!"

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    It refers to a well known saying : جا تره و بچه نیست (lit : the place is wet and the child is missing) it's used when you expect to find something in a place (especially when the evidence suggest it should be there) and yet it isn't.

    In that phrase طرف means the guy or the fellow which has replaced "بچه" also "I don't know why he disappeared right when he saw me!"
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    Thank you.
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    WJM53, there is an additional association here, though I'm not sure how it is worked into the actual background or subject matter of the cartoon. Jinns are believed to disappear from the sight of a human being upon the person's pronouncement of the name of the Lord, particularly in the phrase commonly used by muslims the world over, which is, in its short form, 'bismillah'.
    According to the cartoonist, there was a jinn to begin with, who vanished as the forces fighting on the side of Mr. Assad of Syria put their trust in God and conjured Him up by uttering His name. The cartoon may be suggesting that indeed the army in Syria fighting to keep the present president in power is being aided by God Himself, while the freedom fighters are taking their cue from the Devil, who is represented by the US government and who is, in the cartoon, depicted wearing the garb of Uncle Sam (USA).
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    Thank you for the cultural insight.

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