Persian: خروس تخم نمی ذاره

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  1. GeorgeSmith New Member

    Is this a common Persian idiom? What does it mean? I have two small dictionaries of Persian idioms and it does not appear in either.

  2. Hi
    It's : خروس تخم نمی گذارد but, this is not a expression . it's a sample sentence.
    مرغ تخم می گذارد
    خروس تخم نمی گذارد
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    That was not in your dictionaries because it is not an idiom. It is just a simple sentence just as other common sentences. I think in all of the world, roosters don't like to laid an egg at all :)
  4. GeorgeSmith New Member

    Thank you very much for your replies.

    In the context I heard it, the phrase was used very idiomatically. Unfortunately, I cannot remember the context exactly right now, but someone was saying something like:

    "فالان افراد مقصر این اتفاقی نبودند، بلک گروه دیگر مقصر بود. خروس تخم نمی ذاره‌"
  5. We have a fun question in persian with this sentence too :

    به نظر شما خروس رو پنبه تخم می گذارد یا روی آهن ؟
    جواب : خروس تخم نمی ذاره
    خروس اصلا تخم نمی ذاره

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