Persian: خود از میانه جستن

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    I found this sentence in searching قال گذاشتن:

    قال گذاشتن .[ گ ُ ت َ ] (مص مرکب ) کنایت از کسی را در برابر عمل انجام شده قرار دادن . او را در قبول ضمانت یا کفالتی فریب دادن و خود از میانه جستن . رجوع به غال شود.

    What is the meaning of the part in red? I understand it as (to escape, to slip away, to leave secretly...etc). Am I right?
    Is it more or less the same as جان به در بردن?
    Also, what is the verb here (jostan) or (jastan)?

    It is maybe the same as in English: slipper through fingers. isn't it?
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    Yes, you took it exactly.

    One of the meaning of جستن (Jastan) in some sentences is جان به در بردن. In this meaning that is used as از حطر/بلا/مصيبت/حادثه/واقعه/غيره جستن. For example:

    خوب از خطر جستيا! اگه اين ماشينيه بااين سرعت بهت زده بود حتما مرده بودي

    But in your sentence the meaning of it is not جان به در بردن

    جستن (Jastan) is not a verb, it is an "infinitive" and mean 1. to jump 2. to escape. In these sentence that its structure is not so common in modern Persian, خود از ميانه جستن mean خود كسي كه باني شكل گرفتن كاري است، در انجام آن حاضر نشدن. In modern Persian, قال گذاشتن mean 1. to keep someone waiting and never turn up play one false.

    جستن (Jostan) mean "to search" and "to find".
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    Thank you so much, very useful.

    Yes, I meant that they are somewhat related to each other. I think the English idiom (save one's skin) is the
    best equivalent to جان به در بردن

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