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    Am I right in thinking that در کار بودن is the same as مطرح بودن?

    این که زندونی بشی مطرح/در کار نیست.
    There's no question of your going to prison.

    Do you also use these expressions in positive sentences?

    Best wishes, and many thanks,

  2. Aryamp

    Aryamp Persimod

    In your sentence yes they mean almost the same thing however they're not always interchangeable :

    chizi dar kâr budan is used when something is involved that usually is not obvious at the first sight like an underlying factor, so yes many times it's used for negative things (but it can be a positive thing as well)

    matrah budan is close in meaning in that it also refers to the presence of something but in particular as a topic of discussion or something that's been propounded.
  3. sb70012

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    Hello Seitt,
    There is a little difference. If you focus on the meanings, you will know what the difference is.
    در کار نیست = is not going to happen or has not happened (there is no ....) = the most used one in our daily speaking
    مطرح نیست = is not proposed (is not stated) = is more formal. For example it is usually used in congress speeches or news reports or TV announcements and stuff like that.

    Yes we use them but I myself have never used مطرح نیست in my speaking but در کار نیست

    For example:
    مسافرتی در کار نیست = there is no trip. (I/he/she/we/you/they am/is/are not going to have a trip)
    لایحه ی مجلس مطرح نیست = the bill of the congress is not proposed (is not stated)
  4. seitt Senior Member

    Many thanks to you both.
    Is this perhaps therefore a more literary version of "مسافرت بی مسافرت"?
  5. sb70012

    sb70012 Senior Member

    Yes exactly.
    Good for you.
  6. seitt Senior Member

    Much obliged!
  7. seitt Senior Member

    Ah, just for comparison: how would we say, "A trip is (completely) out of the question" / "There is no question of there being a trip", please? Is this meaning also included in مسافرتی در کار نیست?
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    Iran - Mznd
    Persian - mazandarani:D
    Yes it is also completely true !
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    My home ;-) /The Persian Gulf
    The best and accurate translation for it is انجام سفر ﴿كاملا﴾ غير ممكن است, although, مسافرتي در كار نيست is not so far from the real meaning and you can use it too. انجام سفر ﴿كاملا﴾ غير ممكن است mean you like to trip, but can not. When you say مسافرتي در كار نيست maybe you like to trip but you can not, maybe you don't like to trip at all. Other sentences with similar meanings are:
    فكر مسافرات را هم نكن
    مسافرت پر!
    مسافرت كلّا ماليده
  10. seitt Senior Member

    Many thanks, so good to know the finer shades of meaning.
  11. seitt Senior Member

    Just to see how to translate a slightly more complex sentence, please could you translate for me: "There's no question of his attending their wedding." / "His attendance at their wedding is completely out of the question."
    It's really just saying that something definitely won't happen; how anyone feels about it is irrelevant.

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