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    I am trying to understand this Fars News political cartoon (, but am having some trouble translating certain terms as well as grasping the broader point the cartoonist is trying to make. The caption at the top of the cartoon is as follows:

    کلاه قرمزی در ایام انتخابات هم از شبکه دو پخش می شود
    اولین مناظره هشت نفره با محوریت اقتصاد روی آنتن رفت - جراید

    What is "کلاه قرمزی" (red hat)?
    Does the use of the verb "رفت" here mean "aired" ("The first eight-person debate with an economic focus aired on satellite TV ['on the antenna']")?
    Does the "جراید" at the end of the caption mean this caption/description was taken from the press?

    What does "دست و جیغ" mean?
    Does "هورااااا" represent "Hooray!" in English?

    Finally, is there any reason the girl/woman at left appears to be a doll and not a real person (at least to me)?

    Any clarification would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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    In the presidential "debate" this year, the state TV decided to ask yes-no questions, multiple choices and among them from the candidates instead of allowing them to have real debate. The cartoon implies that this kind of debate was suitable for kids rather than mature voters. کلاه قرمزی (as shown in the cartoon, watching TV) is a kids popular doll character in homonym TV programme (he may occasionally pretend to be a girl or woman regarding the story of a particular episode).

    روی آنتن رفتن = to be aired (it is not related to satellite but good old aerial antennas)
    جراید = [printed] press in general.
    دست و جیغ و هورا = clapping, screaming and hooray of audience

    For next time, would you please post only one question per thread as the rules advise?
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    Thank you for your answer and sorry for the multiple questions. I just thought it would be easier to put them all in one thread rather than having six different ones all repeating the same context.

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