Persian: دمیدن آن از من ساخته نبود

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    In the autobiography of the man from Yazd I've discussed several times before here, he talks about the time he worked at his uncle’s forge (آهنگیری).

    The forge, he says, was equipped with a small bellows (دَم) and a large one. At the time he was a young boy and he operated the small one; he then goes on to talk about the big one and says, “دمیدن آن از من ساخته نبود”.

    Does this mean that he didn't operate it, or that he couldn't? It would seem to make better sense if it means that he couldn't.

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    Yes. You're correct. دم and دمیدن mean blow or breath. So, the device is named after its function. از کسی ساخته بودن means "(someone) to be able (either by power, knowledge or skill)". For this one, he certainly meant he wasn't enough strong for that bellow.

    Anyway, did he say آهنگیری or آهنگری? In Yazdi accent they pronounce many /æ/ as /e/ or /ɪ/. However, I'm curious if they say it آهن گیری (to grab iron, to freeze iron).
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    Many thanks, excellent - actually it's an autobiography in written form, so I'm afraid I don't know the answer to your interesting question.

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