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Hello, everyone!

Can someone tell me the meaning of rastin in this sentence please?

سلام برشیرمردان وطن مجاهدین راستین وبا ایمان امارت اسلامی

My translation: Hi to the lion-hearted people of the nation of holy warriors...and with the faith of the Islamic Emirate.

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    rightous or true maybe?

    I can't speak Farsi, but in Ottoman râst means straight, correct, right, so I guess the sense could be something similar here too.

    So, something like:
    Greetings, lion-hearted men of the nation of rightous holy warriors/mujahideen...

    But let's wait for confirmation from a Persian speaker :)


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    I believe راستین means truthful or rightly guided.
    I am afraid I may have misguided you. Hayyim's dictionary gives the meaning as "true".

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    Hail the daring men of the homeland, the true and faithful warriors of the Islamic Realm
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    Yes, "راستین" means truthful, factual, or real. Actually, "راستین" is the formal form of "واقعی" and "حقیقی"

    جویندگان راستین عدالت
    Real/truthful justice seekers


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    Yes, "راستین" means truthful, factual, or real. Actually, "راستین" is the formal form of "واقعی" and "حقیقی"
    راست - true
    راستی- truth, trueness
    راستین - truthful
    راستینی - truthfulness

    analogous to:
    سنگ - stone
    سگنی - made of stone, stony
    سنگین - stone like hence heavy
    سنگینی - heaviness

    same for شیر/milk and others.
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