Persian: سَرْت


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This word is listed in واژه‌نامه آزاد as meaning نردبان 'ladder'.

جست‌وجوی سرت

Is this meaning known to mainstream Persian speakers? I know it is used dialectally in northern Iran. In my dialect we have a word se with the same meaning.

Anybody know its etymology?
  • Derakhshan

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    Well, it says here that sard is indeed the Middle Persian for "ladder":
    Sal "raft," probably related to PIE base *sel-, *swel- "beam, board," cf. Gk. selma "beam;" O.E. syll "beam, large timber," O.N. svill "framework of a building," M.L.G. sull, O.H.G. swelli, Ger. Schwelle "sill," and also akin to Mid.Pers. sard "ladder," Pers. dialectal variants (Lârestâni) se, si "ladder," (Gilaki, Tâleqâni) sardi, (Qazvini) sorda, (Hamedâni) serda, (Kâšâni) sart, sârda, serde, and others all meaning "ladder."
    An Etymological Dictionary of Astronomy and Astrophysics - 1
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