Persian: شیرینی دادن/گرفتن


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Persian - 𐎱𐎾𐎿𐎡

به دنبال معادل انگلیسی برای شیرینی دادن/گرفتن می گردم. نزدیکترین معادلی که پیدا کردم
treat (someone or oneself) to (something): To pay for or provide something to someone or oneself as a special gift or treat.​

هست. به طور مثال

تو نمی خوای بابت خونه ای که خریدی شیرینی بدی؟

You don't want to treat us for the house you bought?

نظر شما چیه؟ ممنون میشم اگر معادل بهتری مد نظر دارید با بنده به اشتراک بگذارید​
  • mannoushka

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    Hi, Shandol. I think I would refrain from putting the idea into words altogether. 'Treat' works, of course, but not using it might work even better. I would just 'celebrate' the occasion.


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    شیرینی دادن in Persian, is, or it almost is, a generic term for all events, e.g. for a; new house, baby, new job etc, in English there are a few terms that are used for such events e.g. for a new house, you might have a 'house-warming' party for friends and family and you might also 'buy a drink' or cakes/treats for colleagues at work. And of course people buy presents/gifts when someone buys a new house or has a baby.

    But, as mannoushka has said, celebrate is the general term for it. Of course you can also 'treat' someone/a group of friends to something for similar events.