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    فاز گرفتن یک کودک ایرانی > This is the title of a funny video in which an Iranian child dances enthusiastically...(you can search it)

    Although the meaning of the whole phrase is almost clear to me, but is this phrase only restricted to a dancer who gets carried away, or can it be used for anyone in any other situation? Perhaps it means the same as جوگیر شدن? But when I searched it in Google I found that almost all the comments used this phrase in terms of a dancer or a listener (to music).

    I also want to know if the word فاز here is the French word (phase) or not? Because in Dehkhoda it says:
    فاز. (فرانسوی ، اِ) ۞ سیم برقی که دارای الکتریسیته ٔ مثبت باشد، چنانکه گوییم برق سه فاز یعنی مقدار الکتریسیته ای که از سه سیم مثبت وارد دستگاه کنتور می شود.

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    فاز گرفتن is so much colloquial and is common just between young people. فاز گرفتن mean بيش از حد سرخوش و شاد شدن. Another similar word is فاز دادن that mean كسي را بيش از حد شاد و سرخوش كردن. If I want to give you a synonym for each one I should say:

    فاز گرفتن = قاطي كردن، انرژي بيش از حد به دست آوردن
    فاز دادن = حسابي حال كردن

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