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    This is, I think, of great interest, so I'd better make it a new thread:

    Courtesy of Searcher123:
    اگه كسي بخواد كاري رو بكنه/انجام بده، بايد/لازمه‌ش اينه كه پشتكار داشته باشه و فرتي جا نزنه

    Please, what is this word فرتي and what does it mean? Is it perhaps made up of فرت + ي?

    I can't find it in the dictionary - is it perhaps a word that has been changed in Colloquial Persian (cf. پیراهن becoming پیرهن).

    All the best, and many thanks,

  2. darush Senior Member

    suddenly, prematurely, تندی، زودی


    فرتی is modified form of زرتی، (a common slang word).
    فرتی became popular after Mehran Modiri(and his gang)replaced زرتی by this new word in his TV programs(presumably after people's complaining, becouse زرت may sound [loud]fart!).
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    فرتي (Ferti) mainly is a word of مازندراني dialect, but is completely common in Colloquial Persian too. This word in مازني means:

    ١. فردی که زود به خشم آید ٢. کسی که رفتارش ثبات ندارد

    In Modern Persian we will it in the meaning of به سهولت و به سرعت (i.e. easily and quickly). Please take a look here too.

    Other synonyms:
    سه سوت
    در يك چشم برهم زدن
    در طرفة العيني
    با يه باد
    and so on
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    I wonder whether it has anything to do with Arabic فرط.
  5. Hassannami New Member

    "فرط" in Arabic means: overdo, excess. and it also pronounced with fatheh ( َ ) like "fat" and "bad". فرت in Persian is pronounced with kasre ( ِ ). I hope you understand what I mean! :)
  6. Treaty Senior Member

    فرط (firṭ, in Persian fert) means a fast horse usually ahead of the others, in Arabic. It is akin فرط farṭ that means "to go ahead" and "to precede". The suggested Mazani فرتی also have some similarities with Arabic فرطی furṭī that means "complaining", "stubborn" and "disobedient".
  7. seitt Senior Member

    Many thanks to you all, truly most enlightening.
    But surely زرت is pronounced "zart" and not "zert", isn't it? So it's different.
    Please could you let me know the pronunciation of this?
  8. Jervoltage Senior Member

    /dæɾ toɾfæto-l ejniː/
  9. seitt Senior Member

    Many thanks - so what does it mean literally, please?
  10. Treaty Senior Member

    I guess, it is originally pronounced ṭarfat [al]ʿayn in Arabic and classic Persian. I have no idea why we say torfat now.
    عین in Arabic means "eye". ṭarfah has two meanings: the small blood clot formed on eye after being hit, and blinking. So the literal meaning would be "during the blinking of the eye".
  11. seitt Senior Member

    Much obliged - this invites the question: what do you normally call "the blinking of the eye" in Persian, please?
  12. searcher123

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    My home ;-) /The Persian Gulf
    چشم بر هم زدن
    پلك زدن

    during the blinking of the eye = در يك چشم بر هم زدن

    No! it is "Zert"
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    Many thanks, all sorted now.

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