Persian: قابل توجه (کسی)

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What is the English translation for قابل توجه (کسی) as in
قابل توجه مالکین مجتمع مسکونی X

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    قابل توجه literally means ‘worthy of attention/note’, usually used for drawing attention to something that may be of interest to ..., e.g. an advert for a service, ‘interesting to owners in the apartment block’

    ‘for the attention of’ can be used for drawing attention to some general information, e.g. ‘no parking/waiting/littering’

    Having said all that, I can’t think of anything better than:
    For the kind attention of
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    For my part, I only know enough English to be aware of the one thing that does work. I am sorry, cigogne, but I have never before come across “to the kind attention”. (Suggestion: a native speaker of English will be sure to have the definitive answer to your query.)

    There’s also “to whom it may concern”, قابل توجه افراد ذیربط.
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